alternative portraits for creatives

Perfect for those who desire a more personal and intimate approach to their visual representation

professionals, artisans and creatives who want unique portraits that capture the essence of their craft in their natural environment, whether it be their home, studio, or another place

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from €325
portrait photography with a twist 

Creative portraiture blends surreal and conceptual elements to create unique images with an editorial look

anyone looking to step beyond the traditional portrait by experimenting with bold and creative concepts. 
Perfect for those who want their pictures to stand out and tell a story

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from €425
documentary photography
This is my most intimate and personal session - it aims to express the depth and authenticity of the artist.  
It's perfect for those looking to reveal a more personal side of themselves

artists such as musicians and performers who are eager to delve into their own intimacy and vulnerability, using photography as a means to express and explore their art

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from €550

◇ pre-shoot consultation 
either in person or over skype - we chat about your needs and goals to ensure that each image reflects your brand message
◇ creative brief
crafting of a unique mood board that captures the desired tone, color palette and visual style
◇ photo session
depending on your needs, we will organize a session lasting between 1.5 and 3 hours where I will capture authentic portraits in your chosen location, your products or services in their best light, and spontaneous moments of action
◇ professional editing
each image is adjusted to perfect lighting and color, maintaining a consistent style that enhances your brand identity
◇ gallery with high resolution images
you will receive your photos in high resolution and optimized for various media, ready to elevate your online presence
Want to mix and match or a custom session?
Get in touch for a FREE consultation!
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Nora Luna - Intimate Portrait Photographer
Dénia / Alicante / Marina Alta
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